Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A time of breakthrough

I have recently had the joy of seeing breakthrough. When someone has been hidden for a season of time, conceived by the seed of a father joining with the egg of the female being nurtured for a season hidden in the garden of the Bride. Nurtured in the hiddeness until the day of labour begins. The time to push has come, the time of transition a time when things hidden become visible, when a new person breaks through the barrier of the invisible to the visible. That which God has known and seen is now known and seen by men, women and children. I believe the picture of new birth is so powerful. It mirrors the way God works in all of life. I believe this year like Elizabeth Johanna's name means a time for the fulfillment of things promised by oath by God. Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist and her second name is the female version of John which means God is gracious. It was the grace of God that brought about the conception of John and ministry that he represents the one that prepares for the coming of the Son of God. We live in an hour where the need to prepare the Bride is greater than ever. For a time of difficulty such as the world never experienced is about to come and the Bride needs to be ready and she needs to know the heart of the Bridegroom. Watch for the breakthrough of the forerunner and preparation ministry in Saskatoon, in Hope Fellowship. Things hidden, things promised, prophesied will be fulfilled for our God is not a liar. He brings forth, He breaks through from his invisible but audible word to bringing about the fulfillment of that word. He will surely bring to birth and breakthrough into the visible world that which he has promised. A city of incredible unity because the bride of Christ is made manifest here in all her beauty and diversity, red brown yellow black and white all are precious in his city. My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. A great harvest is ahead of us in our city and region. There is much labour and work to be done but it will all be worth it as we see new birth time and time again in peoples lives. Blessings on your day! And tune into to FM 100.3 talking about things long ago promised coming to birth, Christian radio is here in Saskatoon, what a blessing.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Wow time flies when you are trying to work and finish a reno, unpack, do a men's retreat, prepare and execute a time to practice prophetic singing etc. January 23rd is a long time ago, I apologize for all you who have come here looking for something fresh and been disappointed. My plan was every Monday do some blogging. As you can s ee my Pleasant Hill life is still a little bit out of rhythym. Currently I am painting a house in Warman on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and Monday afternoons and teaching music on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1-9 and trying to engage my kids on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in various activities related to homeschool.
I want to share something I did 2 weeks ago when my studio was first opened for teaching. It was on my heart to have a time of worship and praise with my kids before anyone else used it. Part of my conviction that my kids are my first disciples and they ought to be first to receive teaching and training in anything they are of age to be trained in. However, I was a bad discipler that day, with such high expectations I got real upset at the kids for not listening. However, after apologizing for my poor leadership, we did have a lovely time with flags waving, dancers dancing and the odd singer singing. By the way in case you didn't know I have 5 kids in my worship team and a lovely wife who I finally let play the keyboard and I worked at leading the kids to worship their King. I highly encourage you dads out there, find ways to stumble along and lead your family to worship their King and Creator. Although it is difficult it is very rewarding to s ee your children praise Jesus.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Much Grace Needed, Much Grace Asked for, Much Given

It has been awhile since I have sat and mused. As I ponder a move to a new house through many grace gifts of help and service given. A trip to Airdrie and Edmonton where much hospitality and care given both in the homes of Sam and Vi Kennedy and Cliff and Martha Jantzen. And the grace given the surgeon to without error pierce my son's heart and cauterize the faulty electrical spot on the left side. To an energy rebate that gave me one more week to work on the studio, to the wisdom given from a friend on getting more heat and insulation into my studio, and the grace given through my father's gift of carpentry given and a friends idea to direct still more heat to the studio. I give thanks God for your grace as it is often given through human vessels that the Spirit has given gifts to and has directed to give in this moment. Thank-you God for your grace, much needed, much given and still yet much more required to get to the goal. Bless your name Father! and Thank-you brothers and sisters for giving your gifts so generously to me and my family in this season, may you see heavenly reward:)

Thankful for buckets of grace,


Monday, December 26, 2005

New Dreams, Giving gifts

I don't know how many of you have seen SharkBoy and LavaGirl and Lord of the Beans. I watched the former twice with my kids and the latter once. It would appear that God was shouting something in my spirit to meditate on and obey for the new year. In SharkBoy and LavaGirl the boy in the story is a dreamer and writes his dreams in a dream journal. He dreams and escapes the troubles in the real world and misses out on the opportunities to serve people with his dreams because of it. Always escaping into a world of selfishness, never really there for the people around him. In the end he learns to dream with his eyes wide open I much more dangerous kind of dreaming where dreams are dreamed to make the dreams of others come true, he becomes an unselfish dreamer serving to see the dreams of others fulfilled and in so doing his new dream is much bigger and more wonderful than his selfish dreams.

Lord of the Beans is about using God's gift's wisely. Not using them for selfish gain or to get a life of ease which the bean could give. But instead seek to use the gift for the purpose God gave it and give it away to others to serve them in love. For we are created in God's image, we are Christ's workmanship created to do good works which God planned in advance.

In any case as I reflect on my journey regarding music ministry I see parallels to the boy in sharkboy who dreams to escape, it's safe in dreamworld. Nobody can hurt you in dream world as long as your dreams stay there. However, if they don't get focused on serving others they will never become reality and I will miss the reason for the dream in the first place. Also with Lord of the beans God has given me a powerful gift it is the gift of leading others in worship, and singing prophetic songs helping people understand how much our heavenly Father loves them. Gifts are not meant for me, they are meant for others to build them up. So often I am drowning in a sea self-centeredness again which prevents people from receiving the gift God has given me and people go to sleep at night believing they are not loved by God because I am not out there sharing my gift. People are living in a desert of no intimacy with God, because I am still trying to create the perfect environment, vehicle, financial return system etc. to minister under. No more, it is time to get on with the dream's God has dreamed for the bride of Christ and time to give His gifts to the Bride of Christ and the Lost that no-one goes to bed anymore in this city believing they are not loved by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and number 2 unbelief and disappointment with God regarding his promises and dreams no longer grows but begins to shrink in the light of an army of one determined to serve others dreams and give what God has given him, who has Christ's heart beating in him and trusts God to take care of his own needs as he serves others and shares the gifts God has given him with others. Enough musing, on to action.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Thank-you Abba!

Thank-you, Thank-you Thank-you! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! These were the words on my lips today as a fellow from Sasktelmobility phoned to tell me that his grandparents found my cellphone and gave it to him because he worked for Sasktel Mobility. I can pick it up tomorrow from a dealer. You know what is so cool is this cellphone story illustrates my last post. When I lost my cell phone I heard God say don't buy a new one instead pray for what was lost and trust Me for it's recovery. Well I was good with that for a few weeks, but then I began to feel like I wasn't being very responsible having to ask customers to use their phone and began to think maybe that wasn't really God who spoke that and I should get another cell phone and bite the bullet and pay the price. So last week I went and spoke with the dealer and she told me the bad news that I would have to buy a phone at full retail price eg. $260.00 ouch. I pondered that as another fella said he'd sell me his at $75 who had an extra phone because he was upgrading his phone. I didn't feel comfortable about that so in the end another lady came into the store and suggested I wait for some pay as you go phones that I could buy on financing for about $160.00, or $8.00/month. Did I need it right away, I said no. So I began to wait some more, in the meantime today a week went by still no call about the phones being in, so I thought I would probably stop at dealership and see if the pay as you go phones were in. And then I got God's call, God's provision, God's recovery of what I lost. Wow. Do you see how often we deceive ourselves into thinking that maybe what we are believing God for is too much and that we need to take responsibility and make it happen. It's almost like Abraham, the promise and taking Hagar on thinking well maybe God is going to make the promise happen through someway in which I know can make it happen in my own flesh, something where I have control over it. Oh I'm so glad I didn't completely fall for that one again, God has saved me from unbelief and my flesh and in his mercy even though I stopped believing His word to me, He fulfilled his promise and prevented me from indebting myself further. This gives me hope for other promises that He has made which I have stopped believing at times. Praise Him Praise Him. Thank-you Thank-you ABBA Father, you are soo good and merciful.
Thank-you Carebear and Princess Warrior for your comments. Keep believing God's word, there will be fruit.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Return of the Minstrel

Wow much time has passed since I last posted something in blogville. I had difficulty with my blog and could not post anything after my last blog, building under authority. Interestingly enough it took me till almost a month ago before the authorities signed off on the building project I referred to in my last blog. The ministry and business plan for music ministry has changed a lot since February as well and is not complete but I am closer. A lot of things have been changed through the fire of God in my life over the last 8 months. It is good. The plan is still in process for Prairie Fire Music but I'm learning about how God brings his visions and ideas to fruition in cooperation with us. I'm thinking about Abraham, first he gives the promise and the vision of what He is going to do through us and our children and children's children. Then our flesh gets involved and tries to make it happen in our own strength which produce strife and emnity between us and God and others. Then God by His Spirit brings death to the flesh to separate the wheat from the chaff and begins to bring the promise forth, then the test of ownership happens is it God's or is it mine and another death cycle begin where more faith and obedience are required. Then the blessing of God comes and growth of the promise begins to take shape. God entrusts us with more of His work because he has put his hand on our soul and has struck it many times to teach us to walk in faith and obedience to Him walking in humility not taking glory for ourselves but giving it to Him. Somedays I wish I was farther along the road than I am, I have such a long way to go. Eg. I'd like to be on the throne if I were David, if I was Abraham I'd like to be past the point of being tested regarding Isaac or if I was Joseph I would like to be 2nd in command over a nation and not in jail anymore. But interestingly enough there is always new challenges and struggles and responsibilities as each of these Biblical characters walked with God into their promised land and so it will be with me as I grow in character, in faithful obedience. The key is in all things as the Apostle Paul says " Be Joyful always, keep on praying, always give thanks for this is God's will for you" 1 Thessalonians 5.